Student Testimonials

“R was thrilled to hear that he has got into Royal College of Music.  Thank you so much for your help with preparing him for his piece and critiquing and advising us on his recording to send in to RCM.  With your help he has been able to get into RCM, get a distinction on his ABRSM exam and get an exhibition with his school.  R is so happy about this all.  He also loves working with you. No doubt, we’ll be asking for your help in the future!”

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“I am a professional actress currently working towards my ABRSM Classical singing grade exams. Initially, I was looking for a special singing teacher to help me overcome my diagnosis of muscular tension dysphonia. As a performer, I was becoming increasingly worried about the fact that it became progressively painful to sing. I was absolutely blessed to find Sarah. Not only did I find a teacher that could instinctively guide and direct me within the ABRSM syllabus I had chosen, so that I could develop my technical and aural skills, but with her healthy vocal methods I now sing without pain and can manage my condition. Sarah is also helping me prepare a repertoire for conservatoire MA auditions as well as professional auditions. My experience in both in-person and online sessions has been excellent. She is such a kind, patient yet constructive and perceptive teacher and I have seen a real positive change in my vocal strength and range. Sarah teaches a wide variety of techniques to overcome any difficulties I have in class and out. I truly enjoy my sessions with Sarah and I can’t recommend her highly enough as a vocal teacher.”

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“My daughter H started singing lessons with Sarah and it was plain to see right away that she was going to get a lot out of it!  H, through Sarah’s expert guidance, patience and skill, was able to sit her first ABRSM Grade 1 exam at age 6 after only a short period of time, and she even gained distinction doing so.  Sarah takes the time to really understand her students, and it is clear that H not only respects her tremendously as a teacher but absolutely looks up to her as a mentor as well.  My daughter’s progress has been swift and impressive, and despite having to switch to on-line lessons because of the pandemic, Sarah did not miss a beat.  With a medium that can sometimes mean students aren’t able to focus as much as they would in person, Sarah is still able to garner full attention and keeps things upbeat and interesting to keep the singing progress ongoing.  It is amazing to hear how H’s voice has matured, gotten stronger, clearer and how her confidence has grown.  With all of Sarah’s musical abilities it’s no wonder she’s a great teacher, but I’m also amazed at how genuinely patient and kind and supportive she is as well.  When H is not having a good day, or if she’s nervous about an upcoming exam, Sarah is so thoughtful, helpful and empathetic and really takes the time to listen and communicate in a way that H understands.  Sarah is an all-around tremendous person and teacher and we all think the world of her.”

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